When you purchase your eyeglasses from our Yamout Optical Shops we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

24 hours express service

1. 24 Hours Express Service

Yamout Optical stores are equipped with laboratories capable of producing 80% of all prescription lenses within 24 hours.
Some specialized orders may require additional time.


2. Free After-Sales Maintenance

We are happy to clean, straighten, tighten and adjust your eyewear whenever necessary as long as you own your glasses. This service (such as screws, nose pads, or ear pads need replacement,) will be done free of charge.

We recommend you take advantage of it on a regular basis.
Let us help you continue to enjoy your new glasses

Manufacturing Defaults Small
3. 1 Month Guarantee on Manufacturing Defects

Any products purchased at Yamout Optical that are defective due to the fault of the manufacturer will be covered by 1 month guarantee.

Eye exam Small

4. 1 month Qualified Eye Exam Guarantee

Every eye exam* completed by Yamout optical optometrists comes with a 30days guarantee. If you feel that your eyewear prescribed as a result of an exam (whether spectacles or contact lenses) is not helping you to see perfectly, then we will supply a replacement.
Free-of-charge, if the problem is due to a prescription error.

Contact Lens Training Small2

5. Contact Lens Fitting and Training

Yamout Optical center provides contact lens fitting and training* applying/removing them with the assistance of a trained eye care professional.